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Toasted Almond, Chocolate Chip & Cognac Ice Cream with Amaretti Cookies

Ice Cream


4 Egg Yolks

4oz/100g Caster Sugar* see below

10oz/300ml Milk

10oz/300ml Heavy Cream

5oz (small pack) Sliced Almonds

2 teaspoons Cognac

* Caster Sugar is finer than American Granulated Sugar. I put the sugar in a food processor with a chopping blade & run it for about 30 seconds. In a pinch, regular sugar will work.


  1. Pour Milk into saucepan & slowly heat until almost boiling, then remove from the heat. Do not let it boil.

  2. Mix together the sugar & the egg yolks. Add the milk & stir well.

  3. Return to the mixture to the pan. Stir constantly while gently heating until it has thickened enough so a film forms on the back of a wooden spoon that you can run your finger through & it leaves the line. Do not let it boil or it will separate. Remove from heat & let cool completely.

  4. While mixture is cooling toast the Almonds in a dry frying pan, being really careful not to burn them (it only takes 20-30 seconds). Let cool.

  5. Once cool, add Heavy Cream & Cognac

  6. Turn on ice cream maker & pour in mixture. As ice cream begins to form (5-10 minutes) add Chocolate Chips & Toasted Almonds. See optional step below.

  7. When Ice Cream is ready (about 15-20 mins total) transfer to bowl & let freeze until set.


If you prefer your Ice Cream a little softer or if you plan to freeze it for several days before serving, add an egg white to the mixture as it begins to freeze in the ice cream maker.

Amaretti Cookies

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