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Macarons vs Macaroons vs Macron

Turns out you can’t cook a macaron without someone referring to it as a macaroon. So today I decided to forgo the quest for the perfect macaron and cook some macaroons. Especially after learning (too late) that you shouldn’t cook macarons if it’s raining outside.

So above we have macarons, a macaroon & a Macron.

I would ask which is everyone’s favorite, but it seems that most of the women I’ve talked to will pick the French President every time.


The first time I attempted these it was a complete mess. They all cracked, no feet, no uniformity etc. Then I was told about this troubleshooting website for Macarons:

The next batch were the Strawberry ones Top Right, then the Blueberry ones Top Left.

Still not prize winning, but edible nonetheless.

I won't pretend to share a unique fool proof macaron recipe, but rather suggest a few YouTube videos that I found helpful:


Much easier...

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